Glasswool: A tissue-faced acoustic ceiling tile

Cineplex ceiling tiles are manufactured from non- combustible inorganic Glasswool and bonded with an inert thermosetting resin binder. The tile is faced with a black non-woven glass tissue for optimal sound absorbtion.

cineplex cineplex_application

Key Benefits

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Exceptional acoustic properties
  • Good thermal resistance values
  • Safe application and use
  • Will not sag when correctly installed
  • Stock           Thickness    Width      Length      Thermal               NRC Value
  •                                                                        resistance
  • 11332 (Black)      40           595         595         1,25                           0,80
  • 11333 (Black)      40           595         1195       1,25                           0,80


  • Non combustible base board – tested to SANS 10177 Part 5
  • SANS 10400 Part T 4.13.1 (A)
  • Thickness of facing material is less than 0.5mm and fully adhered to a non-combustible substraight and is thus considered non-combustible


Suspended ceilings in commercial buildings such as cinemas and  television studios