RHINOBOARD for Ceilings

  • Gyproc RhinoBoard is manufactured according to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.
  • RhinoBoard is a plasterboard and consists of an aerated or foamed gypsum core encased in, and firmly bonded to, special paper liners.
  • RhinoBoard is used as lining/cladding for ceilings, drywalls and drylining. RhinoBoard is non combustible and it is used as a lining in fire rated drywall and ceiling systems.
  • The face (unprinted) surface should receive all decoration (i.e. gypsum based plaster, paint, vinyl, etc.).
  • Do not decorate the printed surface.
  • Do not expose standard RhinoBoard to contact with water.
  • It is not recommended for use in industrial kitchens and industrial bathrooms or exterior applications

Size: 6.4mm square edge

  •   900mm W x                      2700mm L, 3000mm L, 3600mm L, 4200mm L
  • 1200mm W x 2400mm L, 2700mm L, 3000mm L, 3600mm L, 4200mm L

Size 9.5mm tapered edge

  • 1200mm W x 2400mm L, 2700mm L, 3000mm L, 3600mm L,