SINIAT Mastergrid

SINIAT Mastergrid

Siniat Master Grid now offers an improved clipping mechanism, ensuring remarkable system integrity at the most ilafarge_gypsum_master-grid-launch_video_snapshotntegral part of the grid, enhancing installation efficiencies. The design of the clip allows the T-sections to be re-used.

Exceptional fire safety due to innovative Fire Punch Out Holes that retain the integrity of the Main Tee by allowing for the expansion in the event of a fire, thus preventing the ceiling panels falling from the grid system.

Added strength through innovation, with a safety factor of 2.5, enabling the Suspended Grid to handle a minimum weight of 27kg/m squared at hanger spacing of 1.2metres.

Incomparable versatility and flexibility offered aslafarge_gypsum_master-grid-launch_video_snapshot.jpg 2 a result of the newly defined Intermediate slot location at 100mm intervals in the Main Tee and Hanger Holes at 65mm intervals located on the bulb of the Main Tee. This allows Main Tees to accommodate non-standard sizes of boards around the perimeter, as well as more frequent support to accommodate multiple boards for high-tech solutions in acoustics and thermal solutions.

  • Astounding rigidity and stability, ensuring  uncompromised grid strength.
  • The strength of the grid allows for low deflection under load.
  • Class leading quality standards accomplished, that are yet to be challenged – SANS 2001;EC and BS 13964.
  • Main Tee:  Size –  3600mm, Quantity – 20/box
  • Cross Tee: Size – 1200mm, Quantity – 60/box
  • Cross Tee: Size –   600mm, Quantity – 60/box