SINIAT Plasterboard for Ceilings


Siniat Standard plasterboard is a gypsum board for partitions, linings and ceilings where normal fire, structural and acoustic levels are specified. It is available with square or tapered edges in a variety of sizes. Tapered edge boards for taping and jointing to achieve a flush finish or for a single coat gypsum plaster finish. Square edge boards for textured finishes or undecorated applications as well as being suitable to receive gypsum plaster.

SINIAT 6.4mm Plasterboard

SINIAT 6.4mm standard Plasterboard is robust and comes in various widths and length all formulated to eliminate sagging,Suitable for usage on timber or steel brandering (best finish) and can be complemented with Plaster trim or Cove Cornice,

Better handling due to a more rigid core recipe, reducing the risk of breaking on site, Offers a cleaner cut meaning a cleaner working environment.

SINIAT Steel Brandering

  1. The SINIAT Steel brandering system is designed as an alternative to timber brandering and is fitted perpendicular to the roof trusses by means of a suspension bracket.
  2. Plasterboards are fixed to the steel brandering by means of a 25mm drywall screws at 150mm centers. Joints can be formed with plastic “H” strip or meranti/Pine cover strips in the case of 6.4mm plasterboard ceilings, or taped and skimmed in the case of 9 – 9.5mm plasterboard
  3. Steel brandering can also be used in the construction of bulkheads.


  •   900W X               2700L, 3000L, 3600L, 4200L
  • 1200W X  2400L, 2700L, 3000L, 3600L, 4200L


  •        1200W X  2400L, 2700L, 3000L, 3600L,